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Lemon Bars 
These sweet and tarty desserst bars are refreshing as an icy glass of lemonade.

$1.50 / piece          $13.50 / dozen
Chocolate Covered OREOS®
Lime Bars
Tasteful spin on the common Lemon Bar. We bet you can't eat just one of these delicious, tangy treats.

$1.50 / piece              $13.50 / dozen
These decadent little cakes on a stick that are as yummy as they are cute. Creative designs to fit your party theme.

$20.99 and up per dozen
Treat yourself to a perfect bite size treat made of fresh cake and covered in a white or dark chocolate. 

$1.50 each          $18.99/dozen
These mouthwatering creations are dipped, drizzled  and/or covered with toppings. The end result is a heavenly combination of flavors.

$21.99/dz Drizzled      $24.99/dz gourmet 
Just when you thought your favorite cookies couldn’t get any better. Ask about the different flavors of OREOS® we offer.

$12.99 per dozen
The classic combination of salty and sweet! Pretzel rods Dipped and drizzled with creamy 

$8.99 per dozen
Sinfully delicious is our classic cheesecake folded into our chocolate chunk brownie.

$1.50 each            $16.99/dozen
Our Sweet Shop & Coffee Bar
Stop by and enjoy a sweet treat and a freshly ground cup of coffee. 

By the piece, by the batch or simply mix and match, there is treat for everyone! 
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Meringue / Whip topping Pies
Lemon      Keylime      Coconut
​Banana          Chocolate

$2.99 / slice               $15.99 whole pie

Nuts or Fruit Pies

  $3.99 per slice
 $21.99 whole pie